Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News: New Wood-Fired Pizza on Alberta?

So says the sign hung on the enclosed space next door to the Grilled Cheese Grill at NE 11th and Alberta. See for yourself:

(photo by Adam Lindsley)

I asked the guys at GCG about the new establishment, but they knew nothing of the goings-on taking place behind the red-and-white tarps.

If any of you out there know anything about it, please write in and let us know!


  1. Can't tell. The whole area next to GCG is shielded from view, but it is of decent size. Need to work on my late-night spy/espionage routine.

  2. it does exist! well, that's exciting.

    maybe they're building their oven back there...

  3. they were selling pizza last december at the temporary christmas tree stand at that spot. it looked like pizza was already cooked and the wood oven was just to reheat the slices. the slices had mushrooms and olives on them, so i didn't try it.

  4. @bp baggins: Interesting! I drove by the spot today and the "Wood Fired Pizza" sign had been removed. Now that I look at the sign more closely, that does appear to be a Christmas tree in the background. So maybe this isn't a permanent spot after all?