Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impressions: Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria

Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria
1430 34th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 257-1319

[Photographs by Adam Lindsley]
If you don't mind eating with a bunch of rug rats turning plastic toys into percussion instruments in the dining room playpen, Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria is a good spot for anyone in the neighborhood to grab some well-executed pies thanks to pizzaiolo Byron Hummel, formerly of Phoenecia.

You can read my impressions of their meatiest option, The Craver, over on Slice.

What you won't find there is a quick word about the other pizza I tried there, the Aloha.

This is Pritty Boys' version of the Hawaiian, with the addition of sun-dried tomato. Unfortunately, neither I nor my dining companions could find any trace of sun-dried tomato on the pizza. It's possible it was ground into the sauce, but it tasted so similar to the red sauce on The Craver that I doubt that's the case (and if it is, there's no point in having it in there in the first place). Probably just an oversight. A pity, because some extra flavor would have been nice here. The Aloha was just flat-out bland, especially in comparison to the salty goodness of The Craver.

Conclusion: Stick with The Craver. With its crispy pepperoni and crunchy (yes, crunchy) sausage, it'll leave you with a smile on your face. Especially if it's in a box on your way out the door.


  1. I actually enjoyed the aloha, I was worried about the sun dried tomato as I don't really like them when they're chewy and tough, and while they weren't really discernable here, I assume that's what made the sauce extra tomato-y and tangy.

  2. @daryn: I'm guessing they must grind the sun-dried tomatoes into the sauce, since I couldn't find them anywhere. But comparing the sauce on the Aloha with the sauce on the Craver, no one in my party could tell the difference. It's just a tangy sauce to begin with!

  3. the Sun-dried tomatoes are under the Canadian Bacon. If we don't do this they will burn during cooking. Because of this they end up blending into the sauce and makes its tangier.

  4. @Darren: Interesting! Are they whole sun-dried tomatoes, or are they ground up? We couldn't really pick them out, and believe me, we were looking for them.

    Bravo on The Craver, by the way. And the crust. Everyone in my party was impressed.

  5. Excuse me, sir, but when will your next pizza review be posted?

  6. @Anonymous: When I'm good and ready!

    No, seriously, I'll have one up within a week or two. Scout's honor.

  7. Very funny. On both counts.

  8. You don't know enough about food or reviewing to presume to be a reviewer. You obviously know little about dough or ovens or tomatoes. You are lazy, one visit does not provide an adequate experience or time to garner facts to write what you write. Please realize that you are criticizing people who put their hearts, souls and treasure into what they do. Show some respect.

  9. @Anonymous: First of all, this is an "Impression," not a "Review." I don't "review" any pizzeria unless I've been there at least three times. Second, if you'd read my write-up of The Craver over on Slice (the link's in the text above, by the way, in case you missed it), you'd see that I had a positive reaction to Pritty Boys' pizza. I also named The Craver one of the Top 10 pizzas in Seattle. If you can't take any criticism of a pizzeria you like (or more likely, one with which you are affiliated), then the Internet is not the place for you.

  10. Mostra sensazionale quella fetta di pizza!

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