Sunday, July 27, 2014

Division Street Pizza Crawl

[Photograph by Adam Lindsley]
Besides evolving into Portland's latest Restaurant Row, Southeast Division Street (west of Cesar E Chavez Boulevard) upped its pizzeria count to 8 this year with the addition of Atlas Pizza and Pizza Maria. And that's not counting the Domino's on 20th. Nowhere else in the city is there such a concentration of good pizza, so if your stomach can handle it, here's a pizza crawl to put your might to the test.

Check out the story over at The Oregonian.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Breakfast Pizza in Portland

[Photography by Adam Lindsley]

Portland has a sad paucity of breakfast/brunch pizza, and it's only gotten worse over the years. To my knowledge, there are only five spots still serving it, and one doesn't even serve it before noon.

Head on over to The Oregonian to see my rundown of the last bastions of breakfast pizza in our fair city.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Impressions: East Glisan Pizza Lounge

East Glisan Pizza Lounge
8001 NE Glisan Ave.
Portland, OR 97213
(971) 279-4273

[Photograph by Adam Lindsley]

The only really good new pizzeria to emerge in Portland lately, East Glisan Pizza Lounge comes courtesy of the former sous chef of NW Portland's Oven & Shaker (which I really need to get around to reviewing one of these days, because they're pretty great). It's certainly the only good pizza in the Montavilla neighborhood.

Read my impressions of the pizza at East Glisan Pizza Lounge at The Oregonian's website,

Impressions: Pinky's

3990 N. Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 282-1259

[Photograph by Adam Lindsley]

Pinky's attempts to generate buzz about its pizza by offering all kinds of wacky toppings, from kimchi to shrimp ceviche. Unfortunately, none of it is very good. But they're nice folks.

Not to rub salt in the wound, but Pinky's has 5 stars on Yelp. If that isn't an indicator of how useless Yelp is for valid food recommendations, I don't know what is.

But as I said, they're nice folks.

Read my impressions of Pinky's pizza over at The Oregonian's website,

Impressions: Kerns Kitchen

Kerns Kitchen
2935 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 477-7779

[Photograph by Adam Lindsley]

Kerns Kitchen recently replaced the beloved brunch spot Bakery Bar on NE Glisan. The pizza isn't amazing but it'll do in a pinch (for example, if you're drinking at Migration Brewing across the street and don't feel like Pambiche takeout or sitting down at Dove Vivi).

Read my take on Kerns Kitchen over at The Oregonian's website,

Impressions: Life of Pie

Life of Pie
3632 N. Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 719-7321

[Photographs by Adam Lindsley]

Life of Pie is the new pizzeria located at the north end of the same building on N. Williams housing the excellent Tin Bucket growler fill station/taproom/bottle shop and What's the Scoop? ice cream shop.

Read my impressions on Life of Pie over at The Oregonian's website,

Additional photos from my meals there:

Sausage & peppers pizza
Mushroom, leek, and garlic confit pizza
Undercarriage shot
Caesar salad